Day 34- 1968 Romeo and Juliet

Classic play.  Classic movie.  Classic one-liners from students.

In reference to the cirlce dance scene "Oh... they're dancing?  I thought they were just doing a slow series of soft fives.  You know, like high fives but gentle?"

"This is about to turn into a dance battle!"

"Ewww Romeo is a creeper." Repeated by at least one girl per class.  Apparently "creeper" is in.

Student 1: "Ooh, is that Zac Efron?"
Student 2: "No, this movie was made in the 60's."
Student 1: "Still... I swear it's him.  It looks just like him.  Are you sure?"

"We're going to have to fast forward through the honeymoon scene a bit so they don't focus on the wrong parts... if you know what I mean... a little of this from Romeo... and I think Juliet shows a little of that."
(My CT)  

Thank you, 1968 Romeo and Juliet, you made my day.


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