Day 43- "Kyle"

Kyle* is prancing around the back of the class with another (female) student's gym pants on over his clothes.  He usually spends study hall bouncing around and doing anything he can to avoid doing homework. Today, however, he has been quite studious.  Not only is he completing all kinds of work, but he has been doing it quietly and without being distracted by his classmates.  Until he puts on the pants...

Me: Kyle, what in the world are you doing?
Kyle: I've been so good all day.  I got almost all of my homework done.
Me: I know, I'm so proud of you!  You've really been doing a great job.  Did you just need some attention now?  Is that what this is?
Kyle: Yeah... yeah, I think you're right.  I feel better.  Back to work.
Me: Maybe this could work out well.  You just get to work every day, and let me know when you need to stop and take a little break for attention.
Kyle: Agreed.  Like my sweatpants?
Me: Love the sweatpants.  Now finish your homework.
Kyle:  Ok.

And he did! 

Thank you, Kyle, you made my day.

*name changed to protect the privacy of my student :)


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