Day 32- Dr. U.

In a perfect world, I would have beautiful unblemished skin.  In my world, I have some mild acne, the occasional suspect mole, and a hilariously eccentric dermatologist.  Sounds about right, eh?

I was sitting in the exam room today as he rambled on with a long explanation about something, ending with "So here's what we'll do..."  He then proceeded to leave the room for five minutes.  When he came back, he was rambling again, this time about a patient who they had tried to admit to the hospital for some rare disease that turned out to be chicken pox.  He just couldn't believe those folks at the hospital couldn't recognize a good old case of the chicken pox when they saw it. 

Instead of being ticked off like all of the aggravated people I saw in the waiting room, I was oh so amused.  What a character this guy is!  Plus, he saved me a bunch of money on prescriptions.  Listening to his stories earned me a great hourly wage. 

Thank you, Dr. U., you made my day.

Student teaching starts tomorrow :).  Stay tuned... I have a feeling this is about to get interesting.


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