Day 33- Timer

If today was the first day of the rest of my life, then I'm excited :).  I had a lovely first day of student teaching.  The highlight of the day?  The timer.

My CT (cooperating teacher) is relaxed about letting our students leave the classroom when they need to.  She doesn't hassle them about going to the bathroom, their lockers, or the drinking fountain as long as they don't abuse this privilege.  Unfortunately, they have been abusing the privilege.  Her solution?  The timer!

She brought in a small digital timer today that was previously used for speeches.  Each time a student asked to leave the room, my CT set the timer for two minutes and started it as soon as the student crossed the threshold into the hallway.  Little by little, this became a game.  Students would cheer each time one of their peers made it back on time.  Others, usually known to dawdle, were rushing to beat the all time record.

What did I learn in school today?  I learned how to turn a classroom management issue into a fun classroom activity.  I can't wait to try out my pedometer with the kids once I take over!

Thank you, timer, you made my day. 


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