Day 37- Crushed Ice

I knew I was getting a bit older (and perhaps a wee bit wiser and maybe more mature) when I was beyond excited for us to forgo gifts to each other and buy a new refrigerator for Christmas this year.  Our old fridge came with the house, and I had to scrub it for a few hours when we moved in before I would even think of putting anything in it.  After living here for a few months, we realized that the freezer part had seen better days.  Much better days.  Anything that was deserted in the freezer for more than a week grew ice crystals large enough to sink the Titanic.

We had the fridge delivered first thing when we got home in January, and we have been enjoying it ever since.  It is pretty and has lots of shelves so we can see everything and stay organized.  I am still excited just thinking about it.  One of the features I have come to love the most is one I didn't even realize I had been missing out on before.

Ice, ice baby!

While we didn't choose the model that can make snow cones (how amazing would that have been?!?!), we do now have the option of cubed or crushed ice on demand, and we can get water filtered through the fridge.  This may seem commonplace, but I have never lived with anything more than good old fashioned cubes from trays that I had to fill and balance gently in the freezer.  This icemaking is nothing short of magical.

Today I enjoyed crushed ice in my water at breakfast time.  And again while watching the basketball game.  Again in my beloved Mountain Dew at lunch.  And Tom's Mt. Dew this afternoon.  And again in more water.  And again, and again, and again. 

Thank you, crushed ice, you made my day.


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