Day 22- Friends "The One with the Routine"

I have to take a standardized test tomorrow .  It is expensive.  I have to pass it for certification.  No pressure, right?

I'm not a big fan of standardized tests.  Although I don't totally choke on tests, I always believe that I am smarter than my scores.  When given the opportunity to write an essay or give a smiley presentation, I do much better at showing my capabilities.  Tests send my stomach churning.  I picture my insides looking like a dryer full of clothes tangling with each other where someone forgot to check their pockets and there's a chapstick banging around wreaking havoc.  All kinds of frenzy. 

After spending a couple of hours taking a practice test today and earning the usual ok but not sensational score, I needed something to take my mind off this test business for a while.  Luckily, I have about thirty episodes of "Friends" DVRed from our few weeks away.  I was absolutely delighted to find that among these episodes was "The One with the Routine."

In this episode, Monica and Ross get an opportunity to dance on the pretaped segment of "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve."  They have always dreamed of this moment.  As the time nears midnight, they desperately try to come up with an idea or some moves to get them onto one of the main platforms that will ensure them some on camera time.  Then, they remember it-- the routine!

The Routine

Oh, how I adore this!  It takes me back to the days when my sister and I used to make our own routines.  We had all kinds of routines choreographed to our New Kids on the Block cassette.  I remember one in particular to "The Right Stuff" that rivaled anything those Emmy nominated choreographers on "So You Think You Can Dance" might create.  We started out with our feet spread shoulder width apart, our backs to the crowd, and our heads down in deep concentration.  As the song began, "Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh" we'd spring around smiling and pointing at our adoring fans and really knock their socks off. 

I also remember a dance contest we created with our cousins to see who could come up with the best routine to "Runaway" by Janet Jackson (which ended in a tie, as we all voted for ourselves) and countless synchroized swimming routines conceptualized and performed in my grandparents' pool (which inevitably ended with someone squirting water out of her mouth like a fountain).

Given a Monica and Ross type chance to perform one of these routines today, you better believe I'd stand proudly next to my sister and dance my heart out.  Somehow I feel as if the odds of being given that chance have just increased...

Thank you, "Friends" and your routine, you made my day.


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