Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 30- Movie Theater Popcorn

Another horrendous poetry tribute :)

Ode to Movie Theater Popcorn (the real thing)

I never can decide which size
For my stomach is smaller than my eyes
You leave big grease spots on my pants
Yet I can't help but do a happy dance...
when you're around.

You are one of my favorite things to eat
Without you a movie would not be complete
Even when a film is oh so bad (or makes me feel all mad or sad)
With you I know fun will be had...
by all.

Sometimes you get stuck in my teeth
And that is not so nice
But then I just remind myself
I get to enjoy you twice!

No, you won't create world peace
Or cure disease or end a war
But you can make me happy
And that I'm thankful for!

Thank you, movie theater popcorn, you made my day.