Day 135- Lazy Saturday

When you work six days a week,
That means a one-day weekend,
and you must use that one day right,
so you don't go off the deep end.

Clean the clothes, write lesson plans,
Work work work all day.
I never thought I'd see again
a lazy Saturday.

But now that student teaching's done
and my class almost is too,
Today I allowed myself to think
there's nothing that I must do.

I read and ate and loved my dog
and caught up on my DVR
My husband said, "Did you leave the couch?"
I did but didn't get too far.

Tonight we watched our first movie in
hmm... it's been a while.
Just us, the dog, and popcorn-
three great reasons to smile.

Though I'll be sad on Monday
and have to cook and clean my boredom away,
I enjoyed to the fullest extent
My lazy Saturday.

Thanks, lazy Saturday, you made my day.


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