Day 152- NPH!!!!

Tuesday might as well be themed Glee day.  If I don't write about something Glee related on a Tuesday, then I've had a really awesome and earth shattering day!

NPH was on Glee tonight... OH MY WORD!!  For those of you who are not close personal friends of his(like I am, of course), NPH stands for Neil Patrick Harris.  When I was a child with a gigantic crush on NPH as Doogie Howser, all I wanted was to be his girlfriend (Wanda... that lucky, lucky lady) and to have him type sweet nothings to me slowly on a computer screen while reading them as a voiceover.  If you would have told me then that it was possible to love him any more, I would have said "Not possible!"

But I do.  To borrow a lyric from Brad Paisley, Neil, "And I thought I loved you then..."  I won't bore you with all the details of our love affair.  If you love him too, then you know the millions of things he has done since Doogie to win me over time and time again.  If you don't know, then, quite frankly, you don't deserve to bask in the amazingness that is NPH.

He was on Glee tonight. 
He was on Glee with a mullet as part of a flashback. 
He was on Glee with a mullet as part of a flashback and then sang a life-changing "Dream On" duet with Matthew Morrison and then flirted with Sue Sylvester and then gave custom made New Traditions jean jackets to the club and...

I literally let out a happy sigh while watching and then- SHOCKINGLY- was speechless in an explosion of happiness.  It doesn't matter that Neil is gay, and I am married.  Our love knows no boundaries. 

Thank you, NPH, you made my day.



Tom said…

A sampling of NPH's talent.

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