Day 144- VS Online

Have you been missing the bad poetry?  No?  Oh, well here it is anyway... ;)

So, there's this dress.
I've been obsessed.

From a catalog, I ripped it out
and it was all I could think about.

In the picture, it looks so nice.
Did I mention it is reasonably priced?

Days went by, then I looked it up online.
It passed the test... I still hoped it would be mine.

Finally, today I selected it and added it to my bag.
At long last, I ordered it, and how my tail did wag.

I'm smiling so big and wide that it's hurting my cheeks,
For my dress will be here (hopefully) in less than two weeks!

Did you notice that my terrible poem is in the shape of my new dress?  Woo hoo! :)

Thank you, VS online, you made my day.


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