Day 159- Idina Menzel

Happy Glee Tuesday!

Since the first time I saw Rachel (Lea Michele) on this show, I have wanted Idina Menzel to be her mom.  I'm feeling pretty smug now that my wish has come true and exceeded my expectations.  These two completely blew me away last week with "I Dreamed a Dream."  I heard rumors that they would do another duet this week, Ga Ga's "Poker Face."  I was so excited, but I tried to hold out from finding the track online ahead of time... that lasted until Saturday.  Then, Tom and I listened to it on repeat for about two hours straight.  On the show tonight, it was, in their words "marvelous."  Exceptional.

Idina's resume is full of all of the roles I'd love to play if I had any sort of acting/singing/dancing/hot girl talent, including Maureen in RENT, Elphaba in Wicked, and wife of Taye Diggs in real life.  I caught her once on Soundstage on PBS, recorded it, and watched it every day for a month.  Ok, yes, I admit it... I have a total girl crush on her. 

I could go on and on... but instead I'm going to go bake some snickerdoodles for my second meeting with my new coworkers.  I like to lead with baked goods.  I'll keep my girl crushes to myself for now.

Thank you, Idina Menzel, you made my day.


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