Day 160- Domino's

Hmm... I wrote a blog and posted it last night, but for some reason it didn't save or show up.  Weird!  Anyway, let me try to recreate it :).

It was a rainy windy night,
and I was by myself.
I opened up the pantry
but nothing looked good on the shelf.

I didn't want to brave the weather,
and I had been gone all day.
Plus, the look on puppy's face
was begging me to stay and play.

Then I had an idea
of what might be great for dinner.
A pizza just might do the trick--
Domino's was the winner!

So I ran to my computer
and pulled up their new website.
My pizza was built before my eyes
much to my delight.

I watched the progress of my order
on the handy dandy tracker tool.
The heads up on the timing
let me know when to start to drool.

We hope you enjoy the pizza, they said,
that Jacques custom made for you.
We sent it out for delivery with Steve
at precisely 7:32.

When my order arrived with Steve,
oh, it was delicious.
And to top off all the wonderful,
I didn't have to do the dishes!

Thank you, Domino's, you made my day.


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