Day 162- Tyra Banks

Of all of the things I've admitted to, this just may be the most embarrassing tidbit yet.  Please try not to judge me.  About a year ago, I started recording and watching The Tyra Show on a daily basis.  Today was the last show ever, and I might even go so far as to say I will miss it.

I didn't mean to start watching.  I have seen enough episodes of America's Next Top Model to know that Miss Tyra can be over the top and ridiculous and narcissistic... sometimes to the point that it is difficult to watch.  However, when I could look past all that and into the talk show, I also saw that Tyra had interesting topics and guests and actually had a knack for asking what I was thinking.  She wasn't afraid, once she was done telling her stories, to challenge her guests and to probe them about their own stories-- and oh, the stories some of them did tell!  What more could you ask for from a talk show?

There was more.  In the middle of cheesy games, talking in bad accents, and advice from "experts," Tyra constantly explored topics to further her mission of expanding the definition of beauty.  While I did not always agree with her, these shows were, at the very least, thought provoking.  At its best, The Tyra Show gave a sense of love, self worth, and acceptance to young girls.  This is a mission near and dear to my own heart, and it was a wonderful thing to see.  While the short girl cycle of ANTM was not a believable platform for Tyra to push these ideas, her talk show most certainly was.  The reason Tyra is ending the show is to pursue bigger and better projects to further the idea of a more inclusive definition of beauty.  I truly hope that she is successful in these future endeavors.  While I have not always been a Tyra fan, and I am still embarrassed to admit that I am a convert, I wholeheartedly support her quest and what she stands for these days.

Oh, Tyra.  Go Tyra!

Thanks, Tyra Banks, you made my day.  


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