Day 153- Puppy Dreams

Here's another one for the ol' blog dictionary (as defined by General Ferri)...

puppy dreams: noun

1. Dreams experienced by dogs, characterized by moans, whimpers, growls and involuntary body gestures, such as twitching, tail wagging and lip licking.

2. What I was having (oh so pleasantly about my girl next door Tinkerbell) before Mom and Dad woke me up with their giggling.

Related words:
cat naps
sheep sleeps

Sample sentence:

In my puppy dreams, I like to run in circles, hoover food, chase my tail, sit on the couch with Mom and Dad, get out all my toys, and hump things.

General was so cute with his little legs running during his puppy dreams, especially wearing his special Memorial Day gear.

Thank you, puppy dreams, you made my day.


APhilo said…
Mark and I still crack up to this day when Lily dreams :) We love it and always make up a story of what she is doing based on her sounds.

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