Day 156- Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style

My husband is a fashionista.  I got a lot of exercise this afternoon walking the runway from one end of the mall to the other and back again.  As Tom was agonizing for hours (HOURS!) over which shade of brown belt to buy at Nordstrom, I sat down in a plush chair and picked up some reading material.  When I found this little gem, I laughed out loud.  This made me look even crazier than Tom to passersby, and everyone ended up a winner.

"Incredibly versatile, the sport coat is the MacGyver of clothing- it can unite a combination of seemingly random components into something that makes perfect sense.  Genius." 
Tom Julian

Now Tom is really going to want a sport coat!  Heck, I may even want one now...

Thank you, Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style, you made my day.


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