Day 139- Clean Bathrooms

I fully understand that my husband is a prize, and I will sing his praises for (almost) every day for the rest of my life.  There are times, every so often, when I get to thinking that he's kind of lucky too.  Today was one of those times.  Not only do I cook (today I prepared a lovely Cinco de Mayo feast), but I also clean.  Not only do I clean, but I also clean toilets.

I am not fond of bathrooms, especially public restrooms.  I will go a full eight hour drive from Missouri to Michigan without once stepping foot in a strange stall.  I flew from LA to Australia once, only entering the airplane bathroom to brush my teeth.  I worked at Home Depot for over a year before I ever stepped foot in a bathroom there, although when I did, I was pleasantly surprised that they are as neat as can be expected.  If a porta potty is my only available option, I am convinced that I can hold it as long as it takes (this has been tested up to fourteen hours thus far) to avoid the "Honey Bucket," or whatever other cutesy name those companies give their portable toilets to try to make me forget.

When I visit other people's homes, taking a trip to the bathroom gives me a true sense of whether or not I will be comfortable.  The first time I went to meet my in-laws at their house and used their bathroom, it was cute and clean and smelled like Christmas.  We get along just fine.  Thank goodness.

I must admit that my own bathrooms have gone by the wayside recently.  I had a million other things going on, and these rooms have not received the deep cleaning they deserve in longer than I'd care to say.  Until today.  I scrubbed every single inch of every single surface of every single bathroom in this house (that's three bathrooms, for those of you who are counting).  I went through multiple Chlorox wipes and paper towels and even wore out a sponge.  I stood on counters to dust the lights and got on my hands and knees to scrub the floor boards.  I cleaned the crap out of those bathrooms (no pun intended).   

In case you can't tell, I'm quite pleased with myself today.  I am as sparkly and shiny as my bathrooms :).

Thank you, clean bathrooms, you made my day.


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