Day 145- Key Lime Cake

I have to be honest.  After a number of home runs, Trisha Yearwood finally had a strike.  In her cookbook, the lime cake looked like it was magically green and delicious.  On my dinner table, it was magically green, but there was nothing special about the taste... it wasn't memorable in a good or bad way.

But, boy did I have fun making it...

Tom and I cranked up the music in the kitchen while we got to work, me making the cake and him doing the dishes (something wonderful in and of itself).  We danced and sang and laughed, and it was like a scene out of a movie.  I ended up with lime juice and powdered sugar all over me, breezy and messy and happy.

Before I iced the cake, we each took a big ol' finger swipe taste from the bowl (and the homemade cream cheese icing actually was quite delicious).

It was nice to have this little reminder that sometimes the fun comes in the making and not just the eating (or the process and not just the end goal, I suppose...)

Thank you, key lime cake, you made my day.


Tom said…
I enjoyed eating it :)

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