Day 163- Dog Walk

General and I have both been diagnosed with a case of mild, mild, mild obesity.  His diagnosis was made recently by the vet, and mine came from the series of summer dresses I tried on today (purchased just last summer, mind you) that were tighter than Adam Lambert's acid washed jeans.  Yikes.

I decided after peeling off this procession of sausage casing dresses (I kid, I kid) that I need to cut down on my bacon consumption (no joke).  Don't worry, I will not be eliminating my crispy pork friend from my diet.  That's just silly.  I am attempting to discover the definition of moderation for myself, however.

I also need to add a bit more movement into my life (some call this exercise), since I will not be spending nearly as many hours doing my Depot workout this summer.  The first step (pun totally intended) was a long and pleasant walk with my boys tonight. 

I love strolling around the neighborhood with my guys.  Obviously, they are both terribly attractive arm candy, but my love runs much deeper than that.  I like to chat with the neighbors.  I adore the smells of bratwurst on grills or fresh laundry from dryer vents... we get both this time of year.  Being the competitive person that I am, I enjoy checking out everyone else's landscaping and comparing ours (we fared quite well tonight because everything in our yard is just starting to bloom, we planted more today and remulched, and Tom mowed the lawn in pretty diagonal lines).  General always discovers something that he finds wonderfully exciting.  Tonight he terrorized a frog (ok, well the frog terrorized him, but don't let him know I told you that... he'd be embarrassed).  He also has a few spots where we can be sure he will stop, sniff, and often relieve himself.  One of my favorite parts of the walk is when General chooses to do this at a fire hydrant around the corner.  After he stops, Tom can't help himself.  "Oh, General... that is so cliche!"  He gets the laughs every time, and he did not disappoint on this evening's walk.

I may lose a few pounds and a bit of bacon, but rest assured that I will not lose my love for parentheses (thank goodness).

Thanks, dog walk, you made my day.


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