Day 161- Target Linda

I know her name is Linda because I looked at her name tag.
I looked at her name tag because she was sweet and kind and made non-awkward conversation with me while she was scanning my purchases.
I don't know why she did this, but I'm glad she did.

Linda is a reminder.  It was only after I had a pleasant experience that I checked for her name and truly recognized her worth.  Being the longtime retail and restaurant queen that I am, I know how easy it is for people to identify me simply by my job title.  I have been the girl with the key to let you in the dressing room, the drink filler, the credit card pusher, the waitress, the plant waterer, the cashier, the soil loader, the manager caller, "hey you" or "Miss!" (my favorite), and much more.  I am the means to an end and the middleman between you and what you came to the store for.  I come into your life for 15 minutes at a time, and then you forget about me and go on your merry way.

But those fifteen minutes are important.  Our lives are made up of those fifteen minute sections where we connect with one another-- or don't. 

Linda didn't know that my husband has been gone all week.
She didn't know that I'm waiting for a few people to return my calls and e-mails.
She didn't know that my main conversation today has been with my dog.

What Linda knew, as far as I could tell, is that she liked the earrings I was buying and thought she might share that with me.  She knew that she was up for a good chat, and I was up for a good chat, so we had a nice little chat.

Thanks, Target Linda, you made my day.


Ashley and Nate said…
I hear ya. I've done many of the above mentioned tasks too (minus soil loader and plant waterer), and it's always more fun when you can connect with someone.
There are a couple of "Target Lindas" at the Target where I shop, and they always make your day a little brighter.

p.s. you should definitely make time to visit CO sometime! :)

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