Day 136- Andy Gibb

Popular movies and television shows would have you believe that people randomly break into song and dance.  Pshhh... as if.  People don't really do that, do they?

I do.  So do some of my customers.  For most of the day today, I couldn't walk two steps in my department without bumping into- sometimes literally- a customer who needed my help.  I definitely walked and lifted off some of the hibernation 10.  Finally, around six o'clock, the traffic in the store died down.  I got to spend much of my last hour obsessively compusively straightening things to my heart's content.  My manager had put on my favorite work satellite radio station, a selection of classics from the disco era.

This station is how I came to know and love such fabulous songs as "Hotline" by the Sylvers and "Starting All Over Again" by Hall and Oates.  These songs make me feel as if I'm floating around... or, even better, as if I am roller skating around, except in this dreamworld, I am a good skater and spend more time on my feet than on the floor.

The song that kept me going today was "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" by Andy Gibb.  As I "roller skated" around my own little Xanadu dream world with a rhythmic shake of the hips, a customer performing a similar motion came around the corner, and we busted each other. 

"Good song," I said grinning.
"Sure is," he responded, smiling and nodding through his Barry Gibb mustache. 

In his head, I'm sure he was choreographing our Gibb dance number right along with me.

Thank you, Andy Gibb, you made my day. 


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