Day 289- YGOD

The doorbell rang this afternoon.  We were kind of scared.  When the doorbell rings, here's what usually happens.  I send Tom to the door.  I'm not sure why he always goes... I think this is partly because I often stay in the living room to hold back the dog.  This may also be due in part to the fact that I will stand and make listening noises for as long as someone wants to talk to me, and this has led me into many long, undesirable conversations at the door.

It's really the lesser of two evils, though.  If Tom is the one at the door, he will buy something.  It doesn't matter what it is, and it doesn't usually take very long to convince him.  I hear a bit of chatter, he goes for the wallet, and then he comes back sheepishly with his newest coupon book/cookies/random cheap fundraising item.  His "best" purchase was a cookbook that we later discovered was filled with VEGAN ONLY recipes.  Have you met me?  We got rid of it.

It was a whole different story this afternoon.  Tom came back into the living room holding something, but he hadn't purchased anything.  Add a smile to that, and call me surprised!  It turns out it was actually some kids from the youth group at our church, YGOD, who were delivering cookies out of the blue for no apparent reason.  The doorbell had a nice new ring to it :).

This whole scenario is made even better by the fact that Tom will most certainly be accompanying me to church tomorrow.  Good one, God.  You know the way to my husband's heart can be found by following the path from his stomach.  First, you made him a godfather.  Now you give him cookies?  Our God is an awesome God!

Thank you, YGOD, you made my day.


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