Day 293- iPhone

After almost five years together, my Zack Morris phone and I finally had to part ways. 

It was a not so little pink flip phone that served its purpose and served it sort of well.  One fateful afternoon last week, I was carrying it to my classroom on my laptop after a meeting, and it slid off the computer and onto the floor.  Oh, the horror!

I had been resisting getting a new phone for a long time.  I was and still am scared about what one of these new smart phones might mean.  I don't want to be "that girl" who is constantly pulling the phone out to do all of the stuff that these phones can do.  I'm still not even totally sure what exactly this phone can do.  I think it might be able to launch a spaceship and operate a microwave remotely... or something like that.

My new iPhone came in on Monday, and Tom was more excited than I was.  Again, I am a little scared of the implications of this little machine.  However, today I finally allowed myself to be "that girl" just for a little while...  while I sipped on my pumpkin spice latte (yeah, I really was that girl), I really played around with the phone to see what it could do.

Here's what the phone did today.  iPhone accessed my e-mail and facebook.  iPhone helped to coordinate the details of our girls' night in.  iPhone got me in touch with Tom before and after he flew today, which helped calm my nerves about his travel.  iPhone helped me check the weather.  iPhone made a few phone calls.  iPhone did all of these things, and I haven't even begun to tap into its capabilities yet.  Yikes.  I am soooo going to have to make an effort to avoid becoming... ahem... that girl.

Thank you, iPhone, you made my day.


Ashley and Nate said…
I am scared to get a new phone for all of the same reasons... ugh. I have a really awesome two-toned razor (it's silver with a pink back cause I lost the silver back for it). Your story gives me hope, but I also don't want to be "that girl"... keep me posted on how you're adjusting your life to the new iphone. ;)
Ashley and Nate said…
I totally meant 'Razr' in the previous post.

* I do not have a two-toned shaving device.
Jessi said…
HAHA. I do have a two-toned shaving device.

So far so good with the iPhone... and I AM typing this from a regular computer. Perhaps all hope is not lost :).

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