Day 295- Afternoon with Grandma

I feel about afternoons with my Grandma Katie the way Mitch Albom felt about his Tuesdays with Morrie.  She's the kind of person that I like to call an inside out person.  She is equally as stunningly beautiful no matter which way you turn her, inside or out.  I'll have to tell you even more about her one of these days.

I could sit and listen to my grandma tell stories all day.  In fact, today I got to do just that.  We started with a lovely lunch at the Beach Bar.  I got the tomato soup that I dream about on a monthly basis (and can now actually make at home), and she got the crab bisque that makes her drool.  We chatted about Grandpa and my teaching and, of course, many of her entertaining stories from the past.

After lunch, we headed out to Flavor Fruit Farms.  The drive from point A to point B was nothing short of spectacular.  I remembered a conversation I once had in Seattle with some coworkers.  Our friend who had lived in Washington her whole life was talking about how amazing the falls were in the Northwest, and my East Coast friend and I shook our heads.  She tried to convince us, but clearly it didn't work.  We told her that people pay to sit on buses and drive through our kind of fall.  We told her about the leaves changing colors and the crisp air.  She just didn't get it, and all we could do was smile while feeling sorry for her and clicking our tongues.  Our kind of fall is not something that can be described or captured in a calendar.  It is something that must be experienced and driven through and breathed in.  I got to do all of those things with Grandma this afternoon.

We took a scenic drive through the outskirts of Jackson to the orchard, Grandma spinning her webs of wonderful stories while country music provided a soft background on the radio.  She had to direct me around the town that I grew up in, and we chuckled that my nonexistent sense of direction must be something I inherited from her.  When we got to FFF, we veered straight for the big jugs of cider, and I carefully selected a few bags of apples to live on for the next few weeks.  We also stocked up on doughnuts, which I can't wait to pop in the microwave for a few seconds and savor.  Amazing.

On the car ride home, Grandma told me about how she met Grandpa and how their relationship grew and what their young love was like.  It is a story I have heard many times before but one that will never get old.  I love to picture them young and in love, and I know that Grandpa was smiling down on us girls as he got to spend the afternoon with us too.  An afternoon as beautiful as this one has God written all over it.   

The only bad part of the afternoon was the fact that it had to end.  In my head, the sweetest Taylor Swift song in the world still plays, "I had the best day with you today..."

Thank you, afternoon with Grandma, you made my day. 


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