Day 290- Fall Bin

The orange bin sits patiently in the basement for much of the year waiting to be discovered.  Once fall rolls around, it seems to glow, the magic inside radiating out.

I opened it today, in the midst of football games and a pumpkin latte.  I've been waiting for this all year.  The 60-degree weather and the October page of the refrigerator calendar were no longer whispering-- but shouting-- it's time!

As soon as I opened it, I inhaled deeply.  The sweet and spicy pumpkin smells were released, and it was only a matter of minutes before they conquered  this house in the name of fall.  The spiderweb tablecloth, jack o'lantern doormat, and little wooden dracula spoke of fun days to come.  The candles and the leaf dishes filled with potpourri rounded out the aromas and the decor. 

I try not to let myself get too wrapped up in things, but oh how I enjoy my fall things!!  I sat in the middle of them all for much of the afternoon.  The candles were all lit, and Dracula and I shared a secret laugh while the silly little stuffed ghost tried to scare us. 

Ok... maybe I inhaled a bit too much of that fall smell or something, but it was a darn good afternoon just the same. 

Thank you, fall bin, you made my day.


Tom said…
The ghost smelled like the spices making the dog want to eat it!

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