Day 306- Grandma D.

I ate an entire BBQ dinner tonight (provided by our PTO before conferences) and did not get anything on my shirt.  I didn't even have to wear my blazer that I brought just in case.  BUT... that's not even what made my day today.  It must have been an alright day.

Grandma D. is not my grandma.  She does not belong to me.  Her grandson does, though, for one hour a day.  He is truly a special kid.  As always, I don't want to say too much because I'd like to protect his privacy in case anyone is actually reading this thing.  However, if I told you what this kid has endured and the circumstances that he deals with, you wouldn't believe me anyway.  It's like that.

Despite his disabilities and disadvantages, Grandson D. has blossomed in my class.  He earned an "A" for first quarter, and I was thrilled to give it to him.  He does his work (and hands it in!  on time!), participates, listens, asks questions, and all that other good stuff.  He is an amazing artist and an even better writer.  The writing is suprisingly good.  Fabulous.

I finally got to meet his grandma tonight, a woman that he has told me all kinds of wonderful things about.  She was just as lovely as expected, and we had a nice little conference.  I got to gush all about her grandson and assure her that he is everything that she hopes he will be.  That's not even the best part.

Grandson wrote a paper about his Grandma D. first quarter.  It was a beautiful account of why he loves her and all of the things he appreciates about her and how she has saved him from so many things that might have pulled him under.  She's his angel.  It touched my heart.

At the end of our conference tonight, I told Grandma D. that I had something to give her, and I pulled out the essay.  As she sat and read it, she was speechless and started to choke up.  I told her that was quite alright and that the paper almost made me cry too.  She looked me straight in the eye and thanked me from a place deep down inside.

I have the best job in the world.

Thank you, Grandma D., you made my day. 


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