Day 303- St. Louis Bread Company

You call it Panera.  Here they call it St. Louis Bread Company.  It was started in Missouri, and they want to stake their claim to the franchise, darnit.  Anyway...

Tom and I don't really celebrate cheesy Hallmark couple days (even though I'm obsessed with Hallmark).  I've always told him that I would much rather have him be nice to me on some random day because he wants to than spend lots of money on a "holiday" because he feels obligated. 

Today was a meeting of these two worlds.  I got up with the dog and poked around the kitchen, only to realize that we had forgotten to get anything to make for breakfast this morning.  Tom got up a little while later and came to the same realization.  I didn't use to be that into breakfast, but now that I make a point to eat it every day before work, it's a must.  Tom sensed right away that this was the case and started to brainstorm what we might get.  We decided on STL Bread Co., and he was off.

While Tom was gone, I got on the computer and realized that it was Sweetest Day.  Oops. 

The funny (ok, not ha ha funny, but "Oh... that's true..." funny) thing is that Tom did just what I have always asked him to do.  On a random Saturday, he went out and got me a delicious Panera breakfast sandwich (on a jalapeno bagel... mmm) and a pumpkin coffee (even more mmmm) just because.  He went out of his way to make a sweet gesture, and I greatly appreciated it.  I told him this through a mouthful of sausage and cheese.  "Well played, sir, well played.  By the way, did you know it was Sweetest Day?  Nope, me neither.  You done good."

Thank you, St. Louis Bread Company (and my sweetest), you made my day.  


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