Day 313- Sue's Corner

I didn't totally get tonight's episode of Glee because I have never seen that Rocky Horror business.  After hearing a lot of the songs and what not, I'm not sure that I'm in a big hurry to see it anytime soon either.  My wish for Glee is that it will return to the Glee of yore with stronger plotlines and... ahem... slightly less mature content.  Does that make me sound like an old lady?  Perhaps.

I hope that doesn't sound like griping.  I have a special place in my heart (or at least in my Tuesday nights) for that show, and I will watch it until the day twenty (or ten... or five... or two) years from now when it goes off the air.  I own every Glee cd ever made, and I have seen most episodes at least twice.  As long as there are kitschy songs and dances and costumes and as long as there is Sue Sylvester, I will be a hopelessly devoted fan.  Which brings me to my next point...

I friggin LOVE Sue's Corner.  Every time.  I wish and hope each episode that we'll get a little Sue's Corner magic, and I make unnaturally joyful noises when this is the case.  She brings me into a full on silent laugh.  You know, the kind where you're laughing so hard that you no longer make a noise, rather you are just making a silly open-mouthed laughing type face.  I don't want to be Sue Sylvester when I grow up, but I sure would like to hang out with her-- even though she would probably insult me left and right.  Sue delivered another one of her little Sue's Corner gems tonight.  Enjoy!

Sue: You know Halloween is fast approaching, the day when parents encourage little boys to dress like little girls and little girls to dress like whores and go door-to-door brow beating hard-working Americans into giving them free food.  Well, you know what, Western Ohio?  We've lost the true meaning of Halloween.  Fear.  Halloween is that magical day of the year when a child is told their grandmother's a demon who's been feeding them rat casserole with a crunchy garnish of their own scabs.  Children must know fear.  Without it, they won't know how to behave.  They'll try frenching grizzly bears and consider living in Florida.  So, moms... skip trick or treating this year and instead sit your little toddler down and explain that Daddy's a hungry zombie, and before he went out to sharpen his pitchfork, he whispered to Mommy that you look deeeelicious.  And that's how Sue 'C's it.

Anchor: Sue, you're the cat's pajamas.

Thank you, Sue's Corner, you made my day.


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