Day 309- Super Casual Friday

After spending the week in button downs and dressy dress pants and heels for more than 12 hours at a time, sweatpants were a more than welcome addition to my Friday.  Nothing says a day off like good old paint splattered, frayed, worn out sweatpants.  And a t-shirt.  And no make up.  And wild unbrushed hair.  It ain't pretty, but it sure is nice every now and then.

On Sunday when I'm scrambling to finish all the things I need to get done this weekend, I'll wish I had gotten more done today.  However, this uber casual day was blissfully lazy and an absolutely wonderful contrast to the frenzy that was this week. 

I used to really embrace the idea of work hard, play hard.  I don't play so hard anymore (which becomes obvious each time I choose takeout, sweats, and Dateline on a Friday over any other extracurricular activity), but I sure do enjoy "nap hard" when I can and "relax hard" when I should.

Thank you, Super Casual Friday, you made my day.


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