Day 292- Grilled Cheesus

It all started when Finn made himself a grilled cheese on his George Foreman.  Coincidentally, I had a grilled cheese for dinner tonight too, and it was quite tasty, but that's neither here nor there.  Anyway... Finn burned the grilled cheese and thought he saw the image of Jesus on the bread... hence Grilled Cheesus. 

This set off a sequence of events for Finn and the rest of the cast of Glee centered on the idea of religion.  The episode tackled all kinds of different ideas about faith and God and spirituality and really dug down into different perspectives.  It was a brave and interesting thing to see on secular television!

This episode also featured a number of instant classic songs that I can't wait to sing along to in the car.  I absolutely loved "Only the Good Die Young," "Papa, Can You Hear Me," "What if God Was One of Us," and "Losing My Religion."  Through the Mercedes gospel version, I fell in totally in love with "Bridge Over Troubled Water" all over again.  While all of these were outstanding, my favorite was probably Kurt's exquisite version of "Hold My Hand."  This was accompanied by a touching montage that made me feel all Wonder Years inside. 

There were plenty of zingers from Sue and Brittany and others that are worth quoting, but let's leave it at warm and fuzzy for tonight.

Thank you, Grilled Cheesus, you made my day.


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