Day 314- The Challenge:Cutthroat

Tom and I have long been followers of The Challenge on MTV.  If you've never seen it, it's not the easiest thing to explain.  Basically, though, it is a show in which former Real World and Road Rules (has that show even existed for a while?) cast members can extend their 15 minutes of fame for season after season of a physical competition program.  Each week's challenge is either extremely physically or mentally challenging... or sometimes both.  People form alliances and get voted out in all kinds of different ways.  That just depends on what the theme of the season is and what the twisted minds at MTV can think up to cause chaos with this group of twenty-somethings and thirty somethings whose only jobs seem to be to show up for The Challenge seasons every now and then.  Well, to be fair, I think they're all trying to make it in the entertainment industry... but I'm not sure that that's going so well for any of them.

Surely they all eat well and rest well and keep extreme focus for all of the demanding challenges, yes?  Oh, no no... that would not be any fun to watch.  Instead, they act silly and pull pranks, get sloshed and do all kinds of regrettable things, and rotate through each other until new cast members are brought in like it's a soap opera or a season of 90210.  It's quite entertaining.

The actual competition was the most entertaining part tonight, though.  First, all of the teams had to battle in "Bottleneck," a challenge where they all had to fit through extremely small spaces at the same time.  The first team through won.  The other two teams had to vote people into the elimination round, and this is where the real fun started.  This round had participants slapping each other in the face with flyswatters that increased in strength for each round.  It's one of those "I guess you had to be there" or "I guess you had to see that" kind of things, but rest assured that it was awesome.

Thank you, The Challenge: Cutthroat, you made my day.


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