Day 291- Mini Thanksgiving Dinner

Here's another one to add to the list of the million things I absolutely adore about fall.  All summer we try to eat relatively healthy and to grill and to stuff ourselves with lots of fresh foods.  That's wonderful.

Many of my favorite meals are a little heartier, though.  In the fall, we transition into full on hibernation mode, and it becomes increasingly acceptable to eat things that are saucy and cheesy and rich.  Oh yeah... that's the good stuff.

Tonight's menu was one of my favorites, and it was made possible by fall.  We had a little something we like to call mini Thanksgiving.  The main and side dishes in mini Thanksgiving change from time to time, but they're always... well, Thanksgiving related.  Here are tonight's specials:

cranberry pork chops
green bean casserole
smashed sweet potatoes (I'm just now trying to perfect this recipe)
peach cobbler ala mode

Buh-bye swimsuit season!  Hellooooooo hibernation fifteen.  Look, even the ghost is happy.

Thank you, mini Thanksgiving dinner, you made my day.


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