Day 308- Marathon

Do you ever have one of those days where you think, "If I can do this, I can do anything"?

You get to school by 7:15, organize your life, and chase kids down in the hallway before school for their missing work.  You wrangle kids through a series of activities for their first "B" (fun?) half day of the year.  You do SSR and listen to a guest speaker and attend celebrations and advance a round or two in the team building hula hoop activity with your AcLab.  You play games with your kids with no missing work at the end of the day and win (oops... is that supposed to happen?) a rousing game of chicken foot.

You have a brief lunch with your coworkers in which you finally get some medicine for that headache that has been plaguing you all morning (the one that you are too stubborn to let get the best of you during happy fun time with the kids).  Then, you are back at it again in your grade level PLC.  You get a quality test made and coded to reflect the appropriate state GLEs, DOK, and process standards with your PLC team and feel proud for a bit that you got so much accomplished during the afternoon.

You leave school for the first time that day for about half an hour because the ladies on your team want to take you out for a quick dinner for your upcoming birthday.  You chat over chicken on a stick and crab rangoons and fried rice and feel thankful to be a part of a team of women who listen to and support each other.  You feel lucky to be surrounded by people who have many similarities and differences, with one key similarity- a shared love for those kids and that profession that have had you running crazy all day.

You get back to school and change into your parent-teacher conference appropriate outfit in the one small corner of your room that no one can see from the window.  You begrudgingly use the restroom at school as you realize that you are settling in for a long night.  You look forward to meeting and talking to parents all night, especially because you know that you are in the home stretch now.  You are surprised to be even more busy than Tuesday-- parents coming and going so quickly and close together that you realize that two hours have passed since you last looked at the clock.  You spend this time gushing and suggesting and laughing and comforting and relating and all kinds of other things.  You wish you could have quality time like this with alllllll the parents and have aha! moments over and over again as you think "So thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's where the students get that from." 

You see a few last minute straggler parents and suddenly realize that it is way past 8 o'clock and the building is finally cleared.  You pack up your stuff and click your heels together as you leave school for a three day weekend that you know you have earned. 

You feel great about all that you were able to accomplish and survive in just one day and incredibly blessed for all of the amazing people who are coming and going in your life.  You spend some time with your boys when you get home before you fall asleep on the couch to a sleep that you have worked so hard to get to.

So... yeah.  Ever had one of those days?  Yup, me too.  I had the opportunity today to prove just what I was capable of.  I put on my big girl shoes and conquered my little corner of the world. 

Thank you, marathon, you made my day.


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