Day 302- Bad Poetry Day

Bad Poetry, Oh Noetry!

On this blog I have been known
to write a few bad poems.
So then it only makes sense
the today I did dispense
advice on how to be a terrible poet.

Sometimes to learn just what to do
they need to learn the what nots too.
I provided lots of examples,
and then they wrote me their own samples
of the most awesomely bad poems.

Last night I made some brackets,
today my students made a racket.
Bad poems yesterday they did write
and today they did recite
until there was just one winner/pair per class.

In their awfulness there was no shame,
rather a Bad Poetry Hall of Fame.
You see, the worse today was better
even for the best go-getters.
Happy Bad Poetry Day!

Students joked and laughed and played,
but then they felt oh so betrayed
when they realized "Oh, noetry
We're having fun writing poetry!"
Which they thought wasn't possible.

Hopefully when it comes to next week
they'll be much happier to speak
about all the things they feel,
though now the poems will be real.
That's the hope, at least.

But what mattered most today
was the confidence and fun at play.
We all had a good time
as they spit and twisted rhymes...
although sometimes things didn't.

Thank you, Bad Poetry Day, you made my day.


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