Day 301- Brandon*

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis.  I have him early in the morning, a time when many kids are still acting like sleepwalking zombies.  He, on the other hand, comes in ready to go and full of personality. 

This morning was a bit stressful.  There was a major issue in one of the bathrooms that resulted in the flooding of one of our main hallways downstairs and total chaos.  Luckily, my room is down a different hallway, and I did not have any of the toilet water in my area.  However, there was all kinds of drama in our downstairs common area, as many kids were trapped on one side or the other of the river flowing through the halls.  Once I saw that all of my students for that hour had made it to my classroom, I went in and shut the door.  I figured the last thing anyone needed was 25 more kids freaking out and running around the hallways in the mess.  The room was abuzz with students gossiping about what exactly had happened and trying to get to the door to pick out at all the goings on, and my mind raced with different ideas about how to get control of the classroom and get my lesson going.

Brandon to the rescue!

When I started the lesson, he participated.  We were starting our two day bad poetry lesson and talking about cliches.  With a few ideas and a few jokes, Brandon helped me to focus the class on the task at hand and get everyone involved.  The students got deeper into the lesson and let their minds stray away from the Great Toilet Incident of '10. 

Brandon always enters my room with some sort of quirky comment that amuses me greatly.  ("I think on the last day I might wear short shorts.  No, maybe long shorts... but pink.")  He usually ends the class in the same way, and today was no different.

"Mrs. Ferri, I like turtles.  Well, I don't just like turtles.  I mean I REALLY like turtles.  I thought you should know."

Thank you, Brandon*, you made my day. 


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