Day 11- A Hole in the Roof Foundation and Sweatsuit

Mitch Albom published a new book last year, and I bought it as soon as it came out.  It was called Have a Little Faith, and I figured that it would be an excellent Christmas gift for someone. 

True confession of a Mitch Albom fanatic- I kept it for myself.  I read almost the whole thing in one sitting.  It touched me deeply and inspired me in every way and made me want to be a better everything.  I friggin' loved it.  You should probably read it.  That's your vacation homework.  Quiz on Monday.

I whole-heartedly support just about anything my buddy Mitch does, so of course I am thrilled to donate to his charity, A Hole in the Roof Foundation.  This charity ties in directly with everything he wrote about in Have a Little Faith (the foundation itself is named after a church he profiled), and it is based in my home state.  Here's what they do.

"The mission of A Hole in the Roof Foundation is to help faith groups of every denomination who care for the homeless to repair the spaces in which they carry out their work and offer their services. The seed that gave root to the Foundation – and also inspired its name – is the I Am My Brother's Keeper church in Detroit, MI. Here, despite a gaping hole in the roof, and no matter how harsh the weather, the pastor tends to his community to provide spiritual nourishment and a sanctuary for the homeless."

If you haven't donated with me yet, this would be a great one.  I'm just saying...
I want to be Mitch Albom when I grow up.

We made another trek back to Michigan today for more Christmas.  We are totally and completely spoiled, I know, but at least we try not to take it for granted.  This evening's gift unwrapping resulted in another embarrassment of riches.  I know I use that phrase a lot lately.  I really like it. :)

Usually during the drive, my food baby and the button on my jeans declare all out war on one another.  This ends up in all kinds of turmoil and a number of different unpleasant situations.  When the button wins, I end up with dents in the food baby that hurt well after the jeans have been discarded for the day.  When the food baby wins, I end up forgetting and walking into a restaurant/gas station/public place with my button undone and my fly unzipped. 

My solution?  A sweatsuit.  Since I didn't think I had anyone to impress during my eight hours in the car, I donned my gray painting pants and a Michigan sweatshirt for the ride today.  There was no power struggle.  Food baby and the pants were fast friends and nestled gently together the whole way.  Sweatpants and shirt kept me warm as I ran the dog around and pumped gas.  They even kept my core temperature up for the four hours that I was a passenger, the time when I'm usually really cold.

Even though I was made fun of for this comfy suit of sweats, I was quite pleased with our day together.  I may invite this outfit out for another car ride or two.  If the next dates go as well as this first one did, I'm totally sold.

Thank you, sweatsuit, you made my day.


Ashley and Nate said…
Your comment about wanting to be Mitch Albom when you grow up made me giggle. My husband and I read Have a Little Faith, and I'll have to say this makes me want to read it again. Thanks for reminding me about it's place on my bookshelf! The Hole in the Roof Foundation sounds great too... I'll be donating to that one!

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