Day 6- Allegiance Health and Erin

Last year at this time, we went to a basketball game and ended up in the ER.  My husband was given the terrifying task of driving precious cargo from Ann Arbor to Jackson, all the while hoping that something was not seriously wrong.  My dad spent a few days in the hospital.  I won't overshare and get into the reasons why because that's really not the important thing here.  What's important is that the people at Allegiance Health took care of him and got him home (albeit still in rough shape) for Christmas.

Today is an easy one.  We will be donating to Allegiance Health, of course.  I hope that they are continuing to take good care of the residents of Jackson and beyond and that someone else's dad will make it home for Christmas this year.


My mother-in-law had a big birthday this year, and Tom and I wanted to make sure that we found some sort of meaningful gift that would fit the special birthday and make the special lady happy.  We decided that we'd find a top notch photographer to take some updated family pictures.  What mom doesn't love some beautiful pictures of her family?

We've had our photo session booked for an eternity, and today was finally the big day.  I could tell you how it went, but I like the photographer's perspective even better. :)

This afternoon I photographed a family who booked me many many moons ago as a gift for their mother. This was a first for me: ALL ADULTS! I've spent the last few hours laughing hysterically over the images so I may have found my calling in photograph hilarious families. But, I won't share those just yet. ...Ferri family, I had fun and I hope you love your images. A few preview images coming right up...

 I don't want to post any of the pictures yet because Tom and I are the only people who have seen them.  However, suffice it to say that the preview has us looking forward to the rest of the pictures-- all 400 of them!  I am especially looking forward to our mustaches... intrigued yet?

 Thank you, Erin, you made my day. 


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