Day 358- Christmas Parties

This has been a looooooong week.  L-O-N-G.  It was lovely to cap it off with my work Christmas parties this afternoon.  The first party was in the library after school.  This was put on by our Not So Secret Society (of which I am a member).  We had an excellent turnout, some light snacks, and a successful White Elephant gift exchange.  Many people brought gifts that were more on the nice side than the funny, but that was alright with me because I took home some cute Christmas cookie jars.  My more traditional White Elephant gift was well-received, especially in its fairy (Ferri) bag :).

After we cleaned up that party, it was time for part two... happy hour!  Our turnout for this was much lighter, but most of my favorite people from the building were there.  We had half-priced appetizers, cheap drinks (although I mostly stuck with iced tea of the regular, non Long Island variety), and great conversations that weren't all about the kids for once.  It's hard for me to remember that six months ago these people were all complete strangers to me.  I am truly thankful to have found a building where I fit in so quickly and seamlessly with my coworkers.  The fact that I was willing to put off my dinner with Tom/Dateline/falling asleep on the couch embarrassingly early Friday routine for a few hours to spend time with them speaks volumes.

Speaking of the ol' routine, I am falling asleep as I type.  This semi-bland rundown of today's events will have to do for now.  Shel Silverstein would be able to finish this off in a cute and funny way where the writing trailed off as if I was actually falling asleeeeee

I'm not so sure that I can pull that off.

Thank you, Christmas parties, you made my day. 


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