Day 365- Tacky Teacher Friends

Day 365... wow, is that right?  It can't be!  I'll get into a bunch of the sappy stuff tomorrow.  For now, it's time for one more day of gratitude. :)

Less than six months ago, these people were complete and total strangers to me.

They are now my coworkers, my community, my MO family, and my support system.

I am so incredibly blessed to also call these people my friends.  From the day I was hired, they welcomed me into their family, and they have been amazingly kind to me ever since.  They inspire me.  They accept me for who I am.  They allow me to vent.  They constantly keep me laughing, and they laugh at my jokes.   They know when to give advice and when to listen.  They are fantastic teachers and even better people.     

They also know how to celebrate tacky holiday sweater day in style.  The kids may have forgotten after our snow day yesterday, but we sure had a g with an o, o with a d, t with an i and an m and an e.  I look forward to many more good times to come...     

Thank you, tacky teacher friends, you made my day.


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