Day 13- Missouri State Park System and Bowl Season

As I was racking my brain about where I would donate today in honor of "Dump Guy," I had an e-mail come in from my sister-in-law.  She had quickly suggested yesterday's donation via text message, but she had another place in mind that she really wanted to use.  Perfect!  This can be tied into some sort of opposite-of-the-dump-donation scheme. 

Today's donation was made to the Missouri State Park System in honor of Ash, our future game warden.  She explained the importance of today's organization beautifully.

A special meaning? Just read their mission statement, and that should say enough. "The mission of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is to protect, preserve and enhance Missouri's natural, cultural and energy resources for present and future generations." There are so many unique places in every state, but most people don't know about them. The state parks try to capture these areas and make them known and available to the public. And thats pretty much what I dedicate my life to... that and protecting the resources and the people who use them.

We're on board.  We're also proud of Ashley for the work she is doing each and every day. : )  As always, here's the link because I know you're just dying to donate!

I've mentioned many a time that fall/Thanksgiving/college football season is my favorite time of year.  I must admit that when the season was over this year, I was a tad bit relieved.  This was partly due to the fact that the last half of the season got a little rough for our boys and for us as fans (although we are still psyched for the future of the program).  This was also partly due to the fact that I might now actually be productive and get something accomplished on Saturdays.  During football season, Tom and I are up in time to watch Game Day, and we don't go to bed until the last game of the day is over.  We don't get our lives back until after the last game of the season has been played.  Does that sound a little sad?  Hmm.... maybe.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

After a brief hiatus, it is thrilling to have a few weeks of college football back.  I was a bit disappointed while watching the first few bowl games because they weren't very exciting and I'm not in a pool this year.  How do I know who to root for if I don't have my picks in front of me?

Little by little, however, my enthusiasm is returning.  This was a fun day for college football.  If you watched the Tennessee- North Carolina game (or even the Kansas State game), you know what I mean.  It ended... and then it wasn't over at all.  After a review, officials discovered that North Carolina had spiked the ball with one second left, so they allowed the team one more second for one more play.  This was all the Tarheels  needed to kick the field goal that would tie the game and send it into overtime.  It was crazy and exciting and fun to watch, and I don't even care at all about either of the teams.

The game had more than one overtime and eventually ended in a Tarheel win.  ESPN did an excellent job with sports image juxtaposition by flashing between the crying Tennessee QB and the celebrating North Carolina team.  As the montage ran, the phrase "...the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat..." danced through my head.  Have I mentioned how much I love college sports and college football?  Oh, only 2000 times?

As I type, we're watching the Nebraska-Washington game, and UW has somehow managed to hold onto their lead into halftime.  This very well may add to the excitement and fun bank of college football today.  For the first time in a month, I will have sweet dreams of touchdowns and YAC and victorious celebrations (but not excessive celebrations... ahem...too soon?). 

I love college football, and yes, I would marry it. 

Thank you, bowl season, you made my day.  


Ashley and Nate said…
You should marry college football then! (yeah I'm 5)

I have to agree that I feel a little relieved at the end of the season too... for all of the same reasons. To top it off, we got Denver Broncos season tickets this year... so not only was my saturday shot but sundays as well. It's been a long football season... and there's always next fall! :)

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