Day 356- C-Dill

Our main Administrative Assistant (we'll call her C-Dill) is a hardworking woman if I've ever seen one.  She has about a million different responsibilities, but she seems to handle each one of them with ease.  I learned very early on that no matter what kinds of questions I had at school, the answer would almost always come back to, "Ask C-Dill."  The nice thing was that when I did ask her whatever it was, she would get back to me quickly and always seemed to know what to do.  She is a woman who knows how to get things done.

What makes this lovely lady even better is the fact that she is completely unassuming about what she does.  Although she is single-handedly running multiple school operations at once, she never finds it necessary to stop to tell people how busy and important she is.  She's way too busy and important to have the time to do that.  Instead, she stops to ask how people are doing and what she can do to help.  Isn't that refreshing?

C-Dill organizes all of our substitute teachers in the morning, and she also sends out a "Daily Absence Report" so that we can see who will be out of the building that day and who the subs will be.  Each name on that list equals extra work for C-Dill.  Today the list seemed to be at record length.  For one of the first times ever (at least since I've been there), she had to send out a revised list a few minutes after the first one that included even more names.  Then, there was another e-mail where another name had to be added.  On the THIRD e-mail to follow, she simply wrote "Another one bites the dust..." and the name. 

I literally laughed out loud. 

I had already been feeling a bit irritated with my students at that point because many of them have already checked out mentally for the semester (although, to be fair, some of these may have never "checked in" in the first place).  I was also a bit disturbed by a conversation I heard about whether or not George Clooney had been our president (you know, the President of the United States of America) and whether or not Canada borders our country that left me speechless.  Seriously, eighth graders?  C-Dill's e-mail gave me a much needed laugh and a much needed reminder about rolling with the punches and keeping a sense of humor about it all.

When I replied to C-Dill's e-mail to let her know that she had made my morning, she wrote back, "Geez…. For a minute I thought you were going to say you were sick… ha ha!"  This was followed by another e-mail with a jib jab video.

What a gem.  She's a keeper!

Thank you, C-Dill, you made my day.


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