Day 3- Caitlin and Heat!

Today is Caitlin's day because one year ago today she got engaged to Mr. Jesse Sheldon, a fine man if ever there was one.  It is only fitting that the two of them are off on their belated honeymoon today in a land far, far away.  Since I didn't want to bug my old friend cmil (she is now cshe, but I haven't made the transition yet) while she is on a romantic vacation, I took the liberty of choosing where to donate "her" money.

Bates College in Lewiston, ME will be the lucky recipient of today's $5 windfall.  Bates is a place that is near and dear to Caitlin's heart.  I'm pretty sure that she feels the same way about Bates that I do about the University of Michigan.  Yeah, it's like that.  She spent some of the best years of her life thus far learning and growing at this school, and she is still close friends with many of the people she met there.  Tom and I sat with our Seattle friends at cmil's wedding this fall, and the talk of our table was which one of the female guests was the infamous "Meatball" Caitlin always talked about from Bates.  Don't worry, we got to meet her and to hear the special Bates cheer and to connect with that part of Caitlin's world.

If Bates was good enough for Caitlin, it is most certainly good enough for me.

Speaking of schools (ahem... rough unneccessary transition... the donation and the gratitude journal will not always tie together), my heat is finally working at full strength in my classroom.  It's a holiday miracle!  I may be going a little overboard now.  Kids are leaving my room with their faces more flushed than when they come from gym.  Oops.  It's so nice to feel my hands again, though. 

Thank you, heat!, you made my day.


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