Day 357- Food E-mails

I was sitting at my desk today eating mini peanut butter cups that I had bought with the intention of giving them to my students.  It was my passive aggressive response to a number of them "forgetting" to study for my district test and forgetting their #2 pencils.  I'm not usually a sweets person, but the more of them I ate, the more forgiving I felt about the whole thing.  I know that my kids have a lot on their plates right now, and I know that it is a struggle for kids and adults alike to work full force up until the break.  I was on the upswing of understanding.

Then, I got an e-mail from my main man.  It was a reminder that I needed to place my order for dinner from Breakaway Cafe tonight.  This had completely slipped my mind, and I was instantly excited once I read the e-mail.  Tom and I used to go to Breakaway once a week last year.  It's a little restaurant that is located conveniently nearby both the UMSL and Boeing campuses.  We'd meet there last year when Tom was coming home from work and I was going to class.  It was our chance to have a little date on those nights when we wouldn't have gotten to see much of each other otherwise.  Plus, the food is pretty darn good there.  Tom had an exam for his online class that he had to take on the UMSL campus tonight, so we decided to have a little takeout from our old favorite hangout for dinner.  I ordered my standard honey mustard turkey melt with seasoned fries and a house salad with their absolutely crave-worthy house Italian dressing.  I told Tom that between that and my peanut butter cups, my whole outlook on life was changing.

To make matters even better, I got another e-mail while one of my classes was testing that really knocked my socks off.  Get this-- there is a lady coming from the PTO coming to school next Tuesday to bring us a spread of pies.  PIE!  I squealed a little bit at my desk.  What could brighten a kids-want-to-get-out-of-here-for-break-but-we-still-have-five-more-days-Tuesday more than a good old fashioned spread of desserts and pies?  Yes, I am easily amused and often easy to please.  I can most certainly be bribed with and excited by food.  I choose to believe that these are good things.

Thank you, food e-mails, you made my day.


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