Day 359- Cousin Eddie

Ummm, do you really even need to ask  what made my day today?

We went to a Christmas party tonight at one of Tom's buddy's houses.  It was our first ever Christmas costume party, and the idea was to dress up as some kind of Christmas related person/thing.  Since I am a proud member of the Griswold family, of course we dressed up as characters from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Tom was Cousin Eddie, and I was Frank Shirley (you know, the boss that he kidnaps at the end of the movie).  Not only was this easy to do, but I got to wear my old pajamas for the whole night.  I think I may have to strategize my way into more frequent pajama wearing at parties (and not just at pajama parties, silly).  I was able to eat everything I wanted without any kind of denim or button restriction at the waist, and I was pretty much ready for bed when we got home.  That definitely counts as a win.

Thank you, Cousin Eddie, you made my day.  


Ashley and Nate said…
This just made my day! Love the costumes.

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