Day 364- Ice Day

Please excuse my Jerry Maguire-esque blog moment yesterday.  Today's blog will be much more simple, I promise. : )

I really enjoy a good Girl's Night Out, but I also adore a nice Family Day In too.  I got just that today on our ice day.  It was technically a snow day, but we didn't get any extra snow last night.  It is much more common around these parts to have freezing rain and nasty ice storms than snow.  Since the roads looked like skating rinks, everyone stayed home today.  

I heard the news at about 10 o'clock last night.  I would rather not have a lot of snow days because they just end up getting tacked onto the end of the year here.  Plus, we only have a few more days until our big break, and I'm doing fun writing assignments with the kids anyway.  However, that being said...

Today was just lovely.  Tom was supposed to be out of town, but his trip was cancelled.  We got to spend the day at home together with our little General, and we really had a good time.   We had our coffee and all of our meals together.  We caught up on our DVR and watched a movie.  We got almost all of our Christmas cards done.  We accessorized my tacky holiday outfit for tomorrow at school.  We danced and sang and played our favorite songs.  We sat together and did absolutely nothing for a while.  We snuggled with the dog.  We spent time at Target.  We had a Family Day In that was just right. 

During most weeks, Tom and I are often two workaholics (or... lately he has been a mgoblogaholic).  We work, we eat, we unwind with tv or books or computers, and we sleep.  We don't always make a ton of time to just hang out.  It was truly enjoyable to get a day together where anything we accomplished was a bonus and the main goal was simply relaxation.  It was fun to just be for a day without any kind of pressure about what we should be doing.  The added perk is that the things we did take care of will help to free up more down time on the weekend.

Thank you, Ice Day, you made my day.


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