Day 360- Christmas Decorations

We bought our Christmas tree last Sunday, and it sat in the garage for two days.  On Tuesday, Tom finally had time to bring it into the house.  We hoped all week that we'd have a little extra time to make it nice and pretty, but things have been crazy and hectic around here.

At long last, our house FINALLY threw up Christmas all over the place today.  Ahhhhhh.

We made the time to get the tree all decorated and beautiful, and I'm so happy that we did :).  It was fun to carry out our annual tradition where we spread out our treasures all over the living room and find a place for each special item one by one.  We laughed about the ornaments, sniffed all of the candles and pine cones, fluffed the bows, and relived the memories that we have attached to many of the items.  We had a few really special additions to it all this year too!  My mom created a gorgeous tree skirt for us with all of my favorite things on it-- felt and sequins and bright colors.  We also put out the cutest little towels that Manda made for us last year.  I absolutely love the fact that we are collecting all of these heirlooms that have so much meaning behind them, and we are creating our own traditions each year.

I'd like to post some pictures of all the beautimous Christmasness, but remember how busy and important we are?  Okay, maybe we're not all that important... but we are pretty darn busy.  Our next goal is to make time to bake our Christmas cookies this week.  I know that Tom will figure out a way to make sure that happens!  He doesn't care so much about the baking aspect, but he would be lost without his cookies...

Little by little, it's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas.  It's just so much more enjoyable to do everything else on our to do lists if we are surrounded by Christmas.  Want to grade papers?  Meh.  Want to grade papers while sitting in the middle of a Christmas wonderland?  Sure!! 

Thank you, Christmas decorations, you made my day.  


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