Day 353- Pancetta Wrapped Beef Roast

Vegetarians, plug your ears and cover your eyes.  If you open your mouth, I just might be able to turn you into a carnivore with this one!  I love me some meat.  I looooooove me some read meat. 

Beef... it's what was for dinner tonight in this household.  What's one way to make meat even better?  Wrap it in even more meat!

A star was born in the kitchen this evening,  He goes by the name "Pancetta Wrapped Beef Roast." 

This tasted better than it looked, I promise.  It produced two happy customers.  We could have had a trifecta if we had let General get his licks in, but he didn't have the oops-I-dropped-something luck on his side tonight.  I think he was happy just smelling it, though.  The garlic... the rosemary... the pancetta!

I think I just might be the envy of the lunch table tomorrow.

Thank you, Pancetta Wrapped Beef Roast, you made my day.


Ashley and Nate said…
Yes please! That sounds amazing... I've had pancetta wrapped shrimp... but not beef. I would have been happy with smelling that meal too. Think you can find a way to make you blog scratch and sniff? :)

p.s. rosemary is amazing too. yum!

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