Day 258- Stephanie L.

I don't like to run out of stuff.  I always buy more butter when I'm halfway through the tub, just so I won't be caught with none some night while I'm making dinner.  I stuff four or five bags in the bottom of all the bathroom trash cans in order to make sure that it can always be changed and refilled all at once.  We stockpile Cotsco products in the basement and the garage... just in case.  If there's ever some sort of crisis, you can count on me for paper towels, Mountain Dew, tissues, cleaning wipes, toilet paper, foil, and freezer baggies for at least two years.  Oh, and extra salad dressing.  And microwave popcorn.  We'll call this a quirk of mine (because that sounds a whole lot nicer than other things you might call it).

Because of this "quirk," I always order two of my makeup stuff from my special makeup lady.  I like getting my Mary Kay creme to powder foundation in twos because then I can plan ahead.  When I finish the first one, I know that it's time to place my order.  Even if the stuff I like is backordered, this leaves me ample time (one whole foundation's worth) to wait for the new one.  It's a good system, trust me.

Last week, I had almost finished the first foundation, and I started looking around for #2.  I couldn't find it at first, but I placed my order and kept looking.  Imagine my shock and horror when I realized I was using #2, and all that was left was a ring around the edges.  Oh no!  System failure!  How could this happen?

I know, I know.  Women look so much better without makeup.  It's the natural beauty that counts.  Don't hide your face... blah blah blah.  Here's the thing.  I look better with a thin mask of foundation and a touch of blush.  Truth.  I don't know how to paint my eyes and lips all up or how to conceal or how to shape my cheekbones or any of it.  I just want my little somethin' somethin' on when I leave the house. 

My special Stephanie is usually quite speedy in her delivery of the goods, but I have had many disappointing trips to the mailbox over the past few days.  Then, at long last, I saw it today when I got home.  It was sitting on the island with a golden halo surrounding it... the little envelope with the obnoxiously pink label... the answer to my hopes and dreams (or at least my e-mail order).

Tomorrow I will once again be (sort of) fresh-faced and fancy free.  For today, I'll just leave it at...

Thank you, Stephanie L., you made my day.


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