Day 281- New Teacher Work Day

We will be flying this weekend.  Again.  We will be leaving the house sometime in the 4s in the morning to catch a flight in the 6s.  Again.  However, we are incredibly excited for the weekend.  Again :).

In light of all this, let's keep this short and sweet.  My day today was just that-- short and sweet.  I had my first "New Teacher Work Day," where all of us first year kids met with our district mentor.  This meant that I got to sleep in until 6:30.  That may not sound like much, but it is definitely sleeping in compared to my 3:30-4am alarm tomorrow morning!  I spent the day conversing and sharing and reflecting with a bunch of other people who totally and completely get my life right now.  Teaching can be an isolating profession at times because I spend most of the day hanging out with people who are literally almost half my age.  It was really quite nice to have an opportunity to chat with other new teachers and to share stories and ideas.  It was even nicer when we worked as a larger group to share our small group conversations and my peers kept sharing my ideas as the good things they learned.  Toot toot!

I got home today at 3:30.  That NEVER happens these days!  I got to take a nap and get some work done, and I got caught up on some of that stuff that is filling up my DVR.  Puppy and I spent some time together before he went off to play with his friends, and Thomas and I got to play too.  Even though I was working all day, this feels like sort of a three day weekend, and that's just lovely. 

I will go back to work on Monday refreshed and ready to share my sunshine... which is a good thing because next week is the end of the quarter and sure to be crazy!  For now... sweet, sweet sleep :).

Thank you, New Teacher Work Day, you made my day.


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