Day 286- 4:00pm

Tick tock
4 o'clock

Where was I today?

I'm often at school until at least five.  The final bell doesn't sound until 3:20, and then we have to follow the kids out to the bus to stop any possible shennanigans.  I frequently have some kind of meeting or copies to make or stuff to do or after school tutoring, and before I know it, it's 5 o'clock.

I have worked really hard this quarter to stay on top of everything, and today I got to reap the rewards.  I was home by... wait for it... 4 o'clock!!!!  I enjoyed the beautiful beginning of fall weather outside with General for a bit, took a nap (that is unheard of these days), and got some grading done.  I also got caught up on a few shows on my DVR.  It's amazing the kind of stuff I can pack into an extra hour these days!

To continue the loveliness, I think I'll go to bed before 11 tonight.  Man, I'm going to be hyper tomorrow with all this sleep.  I'm already using exclamation points like it's my job.  Watch out, kiddos!

Thank you, 4:00 pm, you made my day.


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