Day 283- Man on the Plane

Ok, so I still need to update yesterday's post with all of the amazingness that was the Miller-Sheldon wedding.  I'll get to that.  Not yet.

The moment that made my day today was really quite simple.  I brought a set of papers with me to grade on the plane ride, and I worked on them on the way home.  As we were waiting to leave the plane, the man sitting next to me (who was not Tom) said, "I saw you grading papers.  Are you a teacher?"  When I told him that yes, in fact, I am, he replied with, "Thanks for what you do.  You are in a noble profession, young lady.  We appreciate you."

There's all kinds of negativity floating around these days about public schools and public school teachers.  Everyone wants to complain about the problems that exist, but very few people are actively looking to be a part of the solution.  It was nice to have this little moment with a complete stranger to make me feel validated and important before I'm back in the trenches again tomorrow :).

Thank you, man on the plane, you made my day. 


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